Why You Must Have Car Cover

Choosing the perfect car cover can be a tricky. This car cover guide outlines five things you need to consider when looking for the cover.

Wherever you park your vehicle, a car cover gives constant protection. If parked inside, it blocks dust and humidity as well as accidental scratches, spills, and dings. If it's outside, bird droppings, tree sap, pollen, falling branches, and a variety of extreme weather conditions can cause permanent damage. The sun's UV rays can oxidize the clearcoat and fade the base color layer.

Car covers also protect your interior from UV damage and fading. By keeping your interior cooler, car covers prevent a greenhouse effect inside the cabin, with intense heat drying out vinyl and dehydrating leather, causing oxidation and cracking.

A covered car stored outside also gains theft protection. A joyrider isn't going to waste time trying to get a car cover off. And unless your cover advertises what's underneath, the make and model of your vehicle are concealed - making it less of a target for thieves seeking a certain car.

A car cover keeps items inside the car away from prying eyes, discouraging opportunistic thieves from making an impromptu break-in to steal a stereo or other valuables. Most car covers also have grommets where cables and locks can be attached for even more security.

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